This is the eye-opening thing I discovered several years ago. Freshly milled flour needs to be aged before it can be used. That aging process causes the flour to become lighter in color.

Some manufacturers speed that process and alter the color by bleaching young flour with various chemicals. You may also see a flour labeled as bromated, which means that it was artificially aged with potassium bromate. My preferred flours are labeled unbleached and unbromated, as they’ve been allowed to age naturally.

This question comes up quite often. With so many different flours available, it can be overwhelming to feel comfortable choosing the right one or to know why your recipe uses one kind versus another. So, let’s talk about the differences in these flours.


At the same time I found the recipe for the pecan date cookies, I also found this recipe for a pecan roulade. Never having made a roulade, I was a bit hesitant. But, I couldn’t quit thinking about it and what a lovely addition it would be to our Christmas Eve dinner Hong Kong Work Visa.

I won’t deny that I was a little anxious about how this cake would turn out. Mostly, I feared that the cake would fall apart during the rolling process. However, it rolled up beautifully without so much as a crack Amway double x.

Toasted Pecan Roulade is an elegant and delicious dessert worthy of a special occasion.

This beautiful dessert has a lovely subtle flavor and sweetness. It’s a bit more understated than a big, bold dessert. There are plenty of pecans here, in both the cake and the filling, for a nutty flavor throughout every bite.

The magazine describes this dessert as impressive. I was certainly impressed by how well it turned out. Its understated flavor is certainly delicious. The sponge cake plus the whipped cream filling make for a lovely, light dessert perfect for most any occasion. Just be sure you display it so you can maximize the ooohs and aaahs you’ll deserve for your efforts Meeting room Rental.


Quinn’s birthday cake this year is a familiar theme: chocolate and hazelnut. That’s been the common factor of his birthday dessert for the last couple of years. I’m certainly not complaining because that is one of my favorite flavor combinations.

This year’s dessert comes from Perfect Cakes by one of my favorite cookbook authors, Nick Malgieri. If you’re not familiar with him, go immediately and check out some of his books Sage online.

Nick calls this cake Capriccio Alle Nocciole, but Hazelnut Cake works just fine for me. He describes it as a “buttery Swiss hazelnut cake.” With two sticks of butter and six ounces of hazelnuts in the recipe, that is certainly an apt description. There is some chocolate in this cake, but it is really all about the hazelnuts BNO Visa.

As much as I like hazelnuts, though, I felt that this cake was best served warm with a little chocolate syrup. Then again, I am a sucker for all things chocolate, so that shouldn’t come as a shock dc brushless motor.

Quinn picked another winner this year with this cake. He certainly has had luck sticking with one of his preferred flavor combinations. Check back this time next year. I will probably be telling you about another chocolate and hazelnut dessert.


As much as I adore fall, there’s a little part of me that’s sad to see summer fruit season pass. If you find yourself missing all those berries, too, then you can always take comfort in the joy that is dried fruit coworking space.

I shunned dried fruit for years. The reason? It could only be my staunch aversion to raisins. Ew. But, then I discovered dried cherries and cranberries and all their friends. They are now one of my favorite baking add-ins hearing aid hk.

Somehow, I had not tried dried blueberries until recently. I had been kicking around an idea of using them in something, but I couldn’t decide whether to go the bar route or bake them up into some cookies. So, I guess I cheated.

I call these cookie bars because they are so much like oatmeal cookies, but in bar form. (By the way, you could make these as cookies, too.) All the good stuff is there – oats, cinnamon, brown sugar. Plus, I tossed in some hazelnuts just to make it a tad more interesting atlaspace.

The result? These bars are thick and chewy and just the right amount of sweet. Perfect for an afternoon snack or an easy dessert. Or maybe even breakfast. Plus, they’re infinitely adaptable with different dried fruits and nuts.


I was a bit surprised to find cherries at one of our local shops last week. I usually don’t start looking for them until late summer. Regardless of how they appeared, it took me about five seconds to decide to buy some 48 volt dc motor.

I’ve been dreaming of baking with cherries all spring. The only problem was where to start. This has been a busy week for me, so I decided to start simple. I created a little baking break and quickly mixed up a version of this Almond Cherry Cake I found while browsing Martha Stewart.

Cherries and almonds go together so well. They are actually related! For all you food geeks (like me) out there, the trees that produce them belong to the same genus. For the non-geeks, I’m sure you already know that the flavors of the two are just lovely together amway probiotics.

This is an incredibly simple cake to make. Honestly, it took me longer to pit all those cherries than to make the cake. I like almond extract in small doses, and the amount in this cake is just right for me. There’s just enough to give it some extra flavor. You can also substitute vanilla extract, which would be a great complement to all those cherries and almonds, too.

The original recipe suggests baking this cake in a deep-dish pie plate. I feared that my solitary pie plate wouldn’t be quite large enough, so I used a springform pan. For mini versions, you could use mini pie plates, mini springform pans, or even small ramekins or bakers tax in china.

If you don’t have access to fresh cherries just yet, you can use frozen cherries. Or, use your favorite berry in place of the cherries. Most any fruit will work well with all that almond flavor.


We’ve talked before about how I’m just not a morning person. It takes me a while to feel like I can do anything productive. That lack of morning pep is the reason the pages of BoB aren’t littered with muffins and other breakfast baking. I really like baking those kinds of things, but I’m just not that motivated first thing in the morning Natural vitamin.

Every once in a while, though, I get myself together enough to make a batch of homemade muffins for a morning treat. These little guys may be the perfect muffins for morning- challenged people like me. They mix up so quickly hearing aid!

There are no elaborate flavor combinations here. These are just sweet little muffins with a nice cinnamon flavor. They are a lovely example of less is more. They aren’t the bakery-style enormous muffins that are loaded with calories. Instead, they offer a sweet bite without all the guilt.

You may remember that last week I told you about my shiny new Vitamix and how much I’m enjoying using it. I used it to help make these muffins, too. It was ridiculously simple to mix the wet ingredients in my Vitamix. And, as I mentioned last week, the clean up is so fast and easy myob premier.

In case you missed it, Vitamix is giving a Bake or Break reader their very own Vitamix! Click here to enter.


Sometimes you just have a hankering for a big cookie packed with all kinds of good stuff. Those kinds of cravings generally lead to cookies like these Virtual office address.

These beauties are, first of all, a big chocolate cookie made with dark chocolate cocoa powder. Then, they’re thoroughly plied with plenty of coconut, two kinds of chocolate chips, and nuts shared office tst.

I made these cookies a bit larger than I usually do for big, thick cookies. It seemed they were just begging to be made into big, sturdy cookies. If you have a cookie or ice cream scoop, it will help tremendously. I used a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop to make quick, consistent work of scooping the cookie dough.

Perhaps my favorite thing about these cookies is that there is so much good stuff in them that you’re guaranteed a delicious flavor combination in every bite. You may think it ’s add-in overload when you’re mixing the dough, but you’ll be so glad you put so much extra goodness into these wonderfully delicious cookies Immigration Service Hong Kong.

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