I was a bit surprised to find cherries at one of our local shops last week. I usually don’t start looking for them until late summer. Regardless of how they appeared, it took me about five seconds to decide to buy some 48 volt dc motor.

I’ve been dreaming of baking with cherries all spring. The only problem was where to start. This has been a busy week for me, so I decided to start simple. I created a little baking break and quickly mixed up a version of this Almond Cherry Cake I found while browsing Martha Stewart.

Cherries and almonds go together so well. They are actually related! For all you food geeks (like me) out there, the trees that produce them belong to the same genus. For the non-geeks, I’m sure you already know that the flavors of the two are just lovely together amway probiotics.

This is an incredibly simple cake to make. Honestly, it took me longer to pit all those cherries than to make the cake. I like almond extract in small doses, and the amount in this cake is just right for me. There’s just enough to give it some extra flavor. You can also substitute vanilla extract, which would be a great complement to all those cherries and almonds, too.

The original recipe suggests baking this cake in a deep-dish pie plate. I feared that my solitary pie plate wouldn’t be quite large enough, so I used a springform pan. For mini versions, you could use mini pie plates, mini springform pans, or even small ramekins or bakers tax in china.

If you don’t have access to fresh cherries just yet, you can use frozen cherries. Or, use your favorite berry in place of the cherries. Most any fruit will work well with all that almond flavor.